How Much Is Dinner At The Lost Kitchen in 2023?

Dining at the Lost Kitchen in Freedom, Maine, is everyone’s dream. But How Much Is Dinner At The Lost Kitchen in 2023?

The present dinner cost is $250 per person (plus tax, gratuity & beverages) this year for a night, 5 hours approx. Drinks and tips are not included in this price. The menu is changed every night. Chef Erin French checks out the market for available ingredients to decide the menu daily. 

Getting a reservation here is way more exhausting than checking the price. The limited number of seats and seasonal opening of the kitchen makes the waiting period longer than usual. However, Chef Erin’s immense popularity and one-of-a-kind dishes are worth waiting for a lifetime experience. 

Erin and her staff personally choose the daily guest list from the postcards sent to them by interested people. It means some have to wait even years to dine there. 

How Much Is Dinner At The Lost Kitchen
How Much Is Dinner At The Lost Kitchen

All About The Lost Kitchen Freedom In Maine

Chef Erin French opened this restaurant in 2013 with a unique reservation system. The eatery is housed in an old mill in the small town of Freedom. Erin and her team support the local farmers and foragers for the restaurant supply. The menu is changed every night. 

Erin French was famous for her cookbooks even before Lost Kitchen. Her skills and the unique reservation system are added parameters of the place’s popularity. It’s one of the best restaurants in Maine besides the White Barn Inn in Kennebunk. 

This 48-seater restaurant is open for four nights weekly in the warm seasons. Upon entering the place, you can feel the vibes of a private club with candlelight on the tables, an open kitchen, and the beautiful beams and posts of an old meal.

Customers can watch Erin’s cooking from the countertop. She visits the tables with a smiling face. The ambiance is friendly and cozy.

Every year the restaurant sends an official newsletter with details about the season. The place is overflowed with thousands of postcards for reservations after that. The chef and her team choose the guest list for every night and call them to provide the reservation ticket number.

Most of the time, people have to be on the waiting list for a long, long time. If one cannot get a reservation, the best alternative is to get a cookbook by Erin French and try her recipes at home. 

The eatery supports local farmers and other noble causes like hunger relief programs. The donation requests are included in the reservation ticket price, and the message is straightforward for everyone. “If you can spend $250 for dinner, you can spend some more for a noble reason.”

Address: 22 Mill St, Freedom, ME 04941

The Lost Kitchen Maine Menus And Prices

There is no fixed menu available at the Lost Kitchen. As per Chef Erin, no two nights pass with the same dishes. She and her team personally choose the ingredients, herbs, and other things to design the menu every night. 

The place is quite expensive. The dinner cost is $250 per person without drinks and tips. People have to pay for the reservation ticket to book their seats. The overall price is decided after dining. 

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Where Is The Lost Kitchen Located? 

Chef Erin French has opened her seasonal kitchen in an old mill in the small town of Freedom in Maine. The popularity of the restaurant exceeds the limit of the state. People from other states and countries send postcards to Erin with reservation requests. 

The Lost Kitchen New Reservation System

The unique thing about Lost Kitchen is the reservation system. According to Chef Erin, reservation requests via postcard are a very special method of table booking than reservations over the telephone or other media. 

Every year, as the warmer season begins, the restaurant’s official website publishes a newsletter calling for reservations. Within 24 hours, the restaurant is flooded with thousands of postcards. People pour out their hearts in these letters for dinner reservations. Chef Erin and her team read every letter to decide the guest lists for every night. Sometimes, people have to wait for years to dine here. 

Asper the chef, all the letters are pieces of hopes and dreams of a different person. That’s why she has never thrown them away. After choosing the guest list, every guest gets a phone call confirming the reservation with a ticket number. Upon reservation confirmation, a welcome letter with instructions is also sent to the guests. 

The welcome letter contains information on the menu, price, wine cellar, dress code, car parking, and other details. The prix fixe menu is explained as a support system for the restaurant and its team and the local farmers who provide for the restaurant. 

Is The Lost Kitchen Still Open?

The Lost Kitchen is a seasonal Restaurant. It’s closed in the winter season. The restaurant reopens in warmer seasons. A newsletter is published upon the reopening of the restaurant calling for reservations. 

The Lost Kitchen Cost Per Person?

The Lost Kitchen is a little expensive to dine in. The current dinner cost is $250. The drinks and tips are not included in the price.

Sometimes they also call for donations for noble causes with dinner reservations. People who can afford dining in such an expensive place can also afford a couple of dollars more for donations here. 

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  2. Theresa McGinness says:

    My husband turned me on to the lost kitchen. I’ve fallen in love with all of it. It has provided inspiration to cook with love and with a sense of adventure. After decades of just making meals it is a welcome source of creative energy. Thank you, thank you. I pray one day I get a chance to sit and enjoy, enjoy, enjoy.

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