The Lost Kitchen Reservations, Maine 2024

The Lost Kitchen by celebrity chef Erin French is among the most sought-after restaurants in the United States. This critically acclaimed restaurant in Freedom, Maine, has a unique essence. The Lost Kitchen Reservations process is a charming experience in this busy world of modern amenities.

Due to the restaurant’s immense popularity, a postcard reservation system followed by a lucky draw to choose guests was set up. The whole process, from applying and making reservations, then traveling to this remote village and finally dining, is an escapade.

The Lost Kitchen Reservations Maine
The Lost Kitchen Reservations, Maine

The Lost Kitchen Reservations

The Lost Kitchen is a reservations-only restaurant. They use old-fashioned postcards for reservations. Before the restaurant officially opens in the summer, it publishes a newsletter on its website.

It contains information regarding the reservation process. All patrons must first make a small donation to the PFAS Emergency Relief Fund through the Lost Kitchen restaurant website. After the donation, the postcard’s address is revealed.

Guests must send their postcards with their personal information, party size, and preferred dates to this address via snail mail. Only 48 guests can dine each night. Hence, out of the numerous postcards received, Erin French handpicks the diners based on a lottery system. You can also enter the waitlist by emailing them directly with the required information.

About The Lost Kitchen

The Lost Kitchen was opened by chef Erin French in 2013 in an old mill in her native town. The kitchen started functioning with the help of her family and village friends. She procured fresh ingredients from the village farmers and created the menu independently.

From cooking to serving, French meticulously planned everything to provide all her diners with a once-in-a-lifetime dining experience. The tables are adorned with candlelight, giving the perfect date night look. The cooking is done in the open kitchen at the center. Guests can witness French magic from the countertop.

It’s a seasonal restaurant that opens in summer. The menu is different for each night. The exclusivity and uniqueness of this place have boosted its popularity all around the country. The Lost Kitchen is now renowned as the best restaurant in Maine.

How Much Is Dinner At The Lost Kitchen?

The menu changes every night at The Lost Kitchen. Its general cuisine is mainly New American. Every night, 12 courses are served. The total cost per person is $250 (Dinner). Drinks and tips are excluded from this cost.

What Months Is The Lost Kitchen Open

The Lost Kitchen opens when the weather starts getting warm. It updates its official opening date in the newsletter published in April each year. The restaurant remains open six months a year, usually from May to October. It’s open four days a week.

Is The Lost Kitchen Still Open

The Lost Kitchen is closed during winter months and opens during warmer seasons. For 2023, it’s accepting reservations from 1st April to 15th May. The restaurant will open sometime after that.

Lost Kitchen Dress Code

The Lost Kitchen does not have a specified dress code. They advise their guests to wear something that is comfortable and makes them look beautiful. Formal or semi-formal attire will suit the environment of this place. The ladies can opt for a dress or formal pants with a blouse, while the gentlemen can wear suits and shirts.

The Lost kitchen Dress Code

The Lost Kitchen Menu Maine

The Lost Kitchen does not have a fixed menu. The chefs create a daily menu highlighting the freshest produce and seasonal ingredients. The cuisine served is New American. Crab Cakes, Grilled Asparagus, Grilled Oysters, Pork Loin, Lobster, Blueberry Tart, Rhubarb Ice Cream, etc. are famous dishes.

The Lost Kitchen is now accepting postcards for the reservation lottery


The idea and execution of The Lost Kitchen restaurant are like no other. Everything from food to decor is special and has never been seen before. Its sustainability and community-helping policies are other reasons to support this restaurant and dine here. Getting a reservation can be difficult, but the ultimate culinary experience will make all your effort worthwhile. It’s a must-visit for anyone appreciating the art of food and willing to be a part of sustainability.

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