Is Boba Tea and Milk Tea the Same? 

The main difference between Boba tea and milk tea is that they are two very different drinks. In general, milk tea is sweeter than Boba tea or bubble tea. The ingredients and the type of drink mix used to make these two beverages are different. Boba tea is made with tapioca pearls, the starched extraction of the Cassava Root. 

Boba tea is served icily chilled and comes in different flavored syrups and juices. Like green tea, matcha tea, black tea, fruit flavors, chocolate, etc. You can have a regular boba tea or a milk boba with sweetened and evaporated milk. 

Is Boba Tea and Milk Tea the Same
Is Boba Tea and Milk Tea the Same

Ingredient Difference Between Boba Tea and Milk Tea

The most important item needed is the tapioca pearls to make Boba tea. Tapioca pearls are made using tapioca flour and sweetened syrup of brown sugar or muscovado sugar. To make the tea, use either black tea like oolong tea, green tea, or green tea powder like matcha. Like oolong or Chinese herbal tea, black tea is used for milk tea. 

You can also use condensed milk or evaporated milk for Boba Milk tea. The same is used for Milk tea. Honey, fruit syrup, or brown sugar sweeten a boba drink. The main difference in taste between these two beverages is that milk tea is sweeter than any Boba tea. 

Sometimes, fruit pulps are used in place of tea to make Boba tea. Ice is essential to serve the drink cold. Milk tea is served differently than Boba. It can be served hot or cold. For cold milk tea, ice is added to the drink. 

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Difference Between Boba Tea and Milk Tea

CharactersBoba Tea/ Bubble Tea/ Tapioca TeaMilk Tea
IngredientsSweet and fruity taste.Black Tea/ Chinese Herbal Tea, Condensed Milk/ Evaporated Milk, Sugar/ Brown Sugar, Ice (optional)
ColorBrown, Black, Red, White, Green, Pink, PurpleLight Brown
TasteFamous around the world for a very long time.Sweet
FlavorDifferent fruit flavorsBlack tea, Herbal Tea, Condensed milk
Serving TemperatureIcily chilledHot or Chilled
PopularityPopular around the world for a very long time.Highly popular in East Asian Countries, America. Gaining Popularity in other countries.
Difference Between Boba Tea and Milk Tea

What Is Boba Tea Made of?

Boba Tea, or Bubble Tea, is an icy Asian beverage with tapioca pearls. Add tapioca pearls to milk tea, green tea, fruit-flavored tea, or chocolate-flavored tea to make bubble tea. 

The original boba tea is sometimes substituted with fruit purees to make fruit-flavored Bubble tea. This tea comes in a different color based on the ingredients. The first Boba Tea was made in Taiwan in the 1980s. 

Boba Tea Bubble Tea
Boba Tea Bubble Tea

What Is Boba Milk Tea Made of?

Boba Milk Tea is a thirst quencher for caffeine addicts. A typical Bubble milk tea has a unique flavor of condensed milk. People can use whole milk in place of condensed milk. The milk is mixed with intense black tea. Brown sugar, muscovado sugar, and tapioca flour are used to make the sweetening sugar syrup and tapioca pearls for the tea. 

What is Milk Tea Made of?

You can make milk tea by adding condensed or evaporated milk to black, oolong, or Chinese herbal tea. Milk tea is sweeter than Boba tea. Regular sugar or brown sugar is added to the milk in Milk tea. Milk tea originated in China and is thousands of years old. 

How To Make Boba Milk Tea Step By Step

  • Step 1: Making the Tapioca Dough: Add water and muscovado sugar in a pan and boil on medium flame. Boil the syrup for 3-4 minutes after the sugar melts, then add tapioca flour gradually and stir until it’s smooth. Continue stirring and add half of the remaining flour. Turn off the flame and add the remaining flour. Stir the mixture until the dough turns into a ball. Let the mixture cool down. 
  • Step 2: Knead the Dough: Knead the dough on a clean surface until all the flour is incorporated and smooth. You can add more water or flour if it’s too dry or sticky. Roll the dough to make a rope and cut small pieces. Roll the pieces to give the shape of small balls or pearls. 
  • Step 3: Make The bubbles: Boil water in a big pan and shake off the pearls into the water. Simmer the heat once the water is boiled and stir it to keep the pearls separated. Simmer the heat and stir the mixture occasionally for 20 minutes. The pearls will be formed by then. Meanwhile, boil some brown sugar or muscovado sugar with water in a pan to make syrup. Add the pearls when the sugar is dissolved, and the mixture is thickened. Let it sit for an hour. 
  • Step 4: Make The Black Tea: Boil some water with black tea bags to make the tea. Turn off the heat once the mixture is boiled. Take the tea bag out and let the tea cool down to room temperature. 
  • Step 5: Make The Milk Mixture: Take a measuring cup and mix sweetened condensed milk with black tea in a half-half ratio. Stir the mixture well. 
  • Step 6: Final Step Make the Boba Milk Tea: Take a large cup. Add ⅓ cup of boba pearls with syrup in it. Add one and a half cups of ice cubes after that. Then add half a cup of black tea to it. After that, add three tablespoons of milk mixture to it. 
  • Step 7: Enjoy Boba Milk Tea: Stir and drink the mixture for a delicious cold boba milk tea. 

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Is Boba Coffee Or Tea?

Boba is a tea-based drink, not a coffee. It originated in Taiwan in the 1980s. The Boba tea comes with either milk or no milk options based on the ingredients. However, the main ingredient is green or black tea despite different flavors. 

What Tea Is Used For Boba?

Black tea is the most common form used in Boba Tea. Green tea powder like matcha, jasmine green tea, fruit purees, and syrups are also used for different flavors. Sometimes, tea is skipped to make bubble tea. 

Most Popular Flavor Of Bubble Tea?

The most popular flavors for Bubble tea are Classic Boba Milk Tea, Thai Milk Tea, Tiger Milk Tea, Taro Milk Tea, Lychee Fruit Tea, Matcha Milk Tea, Honeydew Milk Tea, and Strawberry Milk Tea.

Bubble Tea Vs. Boba: Is There A Difference?

There is no particular difference between Bubble Tea and Boba Tea. Both Terms are used for Tapioca Pearl Tea. 

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Make Your Own Bubble Tea At Home


Milk tea and Boba tea or Bubble tea are both popular Asian drinks for refreshments. Both of these are sweet beverages. However, milk tea can be served hot or cold, while boba tea is served cold. For people with a sweet tooth, milk tea is a better choice. 

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