15 Best Dance Clubs and Venues in Rhode Island 2024

The Dance Clubs and Venues in Rhode Island create a heavenly atmosphere with rocking music, DJ nights, and a good appetite for people. Toursit come here from any point in the USA to enjoy the nightlife.

These nightclubs in Providence, Pawtucket, Cranston, and Warwick of Rhode Island have big swimming pools, full-time fun bars, and spacious lounges, forming a luxurious setup for the visitors. Advance booking is available to host any parties, functions, and celebrations. Please note you should be 18+ to enter these clubs.

Best Dance Clubs and Venues in Rhode Island
Best Dance Clubs and Venues in Rhode Island

1. The Hot Club – Providence, RI

Tom and Josh Started The Hot Club at Providence in 1981 and the best waterfront bar in PVD. Mixing with Melinda is a fun class where tricks are taught on making cocktails for various special occasions. Crispy and spicy foods such as pizza, nuggets, and chicken varieties are there to fill a hungry tummy.

The club is perfect, with all the amenities for recreation and enjoyment. There is a special occasion each day of the week, such as karaoke on Monday, trivia on Tuesday, music bingo on Thursday, and rocking DJ on weekends. Special gift cards are available for bumper discounts. 

The Hot Club Providence RI
The Hot Club Providence, RI
  • Hours: Sunday to Thursday: 12 PM-1 AM, Friday & Saturday: 12 PM- 2 AM. The kitchen opens at noon.
  • Contact: (401)861-9007
  • Nearby Attractions: Waterplace Park, RISD Museum 
  • Address: 25 Bridge St, Providence, RI 02903

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2. The Parlour – Providence, Rhode Island

This Parlour in Providence is a cool place to hang out with family and friends. High energetic artists play rock music and various national, international, and local music. Excellent foods and chill drinks are available for a good dinner. Music nights happen on all days of the week. 

Black musician owns the club. Reggae on Monday, funky jam bands on Wednesday, and jazz on Sunday happen daily. Early shows are happening on the weekends for good vibes. Drinks are available at cheaper rates, with rocking music.

The Parlour Providence
The Parlour Providence
  • Hours: Sunday- Thursday: 4 PM-1 AM, Friday & Saturday: 4 PM-2 AM 
  • Contact: (401)-383-5858
  • Nearby Attractions: Roger Williams National Park, The John Brown House Museum, Memorial Park
  • Address: 1119 N Main St, Providence, RI 02904

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3. The Strand Ballroom – Providence, RI

The oldest theatre in Providence, Rhode Island, is The Strand Ballroom, which originated in 1915. Popular shows and artists’ characters are staged here with fun music and entertainment. Best acts from rock blue, Americana, hip hop, county, and funk have been performed. 

There are nine bars facilitating refreshments and cool drinks. The Strand is available to rent for parties by clients. Visitors can enjoy the mezzanine and balcony seating for a fantastic view. Many bands rock the stage with booming sounds. 

The Strand Ballroom Providence
The Strand Ballroom Providence
  • Hours: Monday and Friday: 12 PM- 6 PM; Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday & Sunday: Closed. 
  •  Contact : (401) 618-8900
  •  Nearby Attractions: Experience Rhode Island Tours, Memorial Park, Burnside Park, Waterfire 
  • Address: 79 Washington St, Providence, RI 02903.

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4. Fete Music Hall – Providence, Rhode Island

Fete Music Hall is a premier location for locals of Providence to have live music and events. Owner Nicolas Batua wonderfully designed the interiors. The Ballroom and Lounge have a rocking sound system managed by Fulcrum Acoustic. People coming here will have a vibrant experience as many bands and live music shows are staged every time. 

Three big rooms with large spaces and glittering lights, PA systems, and big stages for hosting parties and functions are available for rent. Four fully stocked bars meet the needs for cool drinks. There is an outdoor patio for chitchatting and having delicious food.

Fete Music Hall
Fete Music Hall Providence, Rhode Island
  • HoursSunday- Thursday: 12 PM- 1 AM, Friday & Saturday: 12 PM- 2 AM 
  • Contact: (401)-383-1112
  • Nearby Attractions: Waterplace Park, Roger Williams Park Zoo, Museum of National History, and Planetarium.     
  • Address: 103 Dike St, Providence, RI 02909, United States

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5. Pub On Park – Cranston, Rhode Island 

Pub On Park, established in 1977, serves locals of Cranston and is the best place to relax on the weekends. Various music genres of rhythm and blues, classic rock, county, jazz, and heavy metal are performed. Every Monday, the comedy shows blow away the night with laughter. Rocking bands and DJs make people dance joyfully. 

Tuesdays and Thursdays are filled with thrilling karaoke, trivia, and Open Mic. Legion Bowling is special at any party, creating healthy competition among individuals. The rock and bowl parties are on Friday and Saturday nights. The Billiards tournament is organized among families and friends. Children’s arcade games are available for them, especially on their birthdays. 

Pub On Park Cranston Rhode Island
Pub On Park Cranston, Rhode Island
  • Hours: Monday- Saturday : 3 PM- 1 AM, Sunday : 3 PM- 12 PM. 
  • Contact: (401)-781-8888 
  • Nearby Attractions: Doric Park, Boston Common, Salter Grove Memorial Park
  • Address: 655 Park Ave. Cranston, RI 02902

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6. The Last Resort Restaurant and Bar – Smithfield, RI

The Last Resort Restaurant and Bar renders blasting fun and entertainment with various popular music bands and artists. To throw a party with some chill drinks, bar facilities are present. A swimming pool, six poolside cabanas, and an excellent kitchen are there to enjoy the day. Playing nets and volleyball courts are there for relaxation.

Tent facilities are available on a rentable basis for functions and parties. The catering team will look after the appetite needs. The cabanas are well furnished with cushions for rest while listening to excellent music. There are delicious appetizers, wraps, and fries to taste our buds. 

  • Hours: Thursday: 8 PM-1 AM, Friday & Saturday- 4.30 PM- 1 AM, Sunday- Wednesday: closed.
  •  Contact: (401)-349-3500
  •  Nearby Attractions: Lincoln Woods State Park, Mowry Conservation Area, Boston Common, Stump Pond.
  • Address: 325 Farnum Pike, Smithfield, RI 02917

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7. The Met – Pawtucket, RI

The Met is a distinguished club with medium-sized rooms in Pawtucket. Various music ranges, such as rock, folk, punk, and blues, are popular playing here. Various bands and live music shows rock the stage with their tremendous performance. All national and local famous artist showcase their talents. 

There is ample space to dance well along with the live music. The area has good acoustics, and the sound system creates a rich experience. Full-time bars are available, serving the best of our needs. It’s one of the best night clubs in Rhode Island.

The Met Pawtucket RI
The Met Pawtucket RI
  • Hours: fixed based on events
  • Contact: (401)-729-1005
  • Nearby Attractions: RISD Museum, Lincoln Wood’s State Park
  • Address: 1005 Main Street Route, 122, Pawtucket, RI 02860, United States

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8. Dusk Night Club – Providence, Rhode Island

Dusk is open on all days of the week. There is booking available for conducting private parties and functions. Beautifully lighted multiple bars are available for relaxation. Crispy wraps, fries, pizza, and burgers are there to dumb our hungry stomachs. The best bands and singers come here to showcase their talents to entertain people. 

DJs in various genres happen, thrilling the whole night. Both indoor and outdoor seating facilities are available to enjoy a peaceful time. Cocktail bars and a lounge area are present for family recreation. 

Dusk Night Club at Providence
Dusk Night Club at Providence
  • Hours: Sunday- Thursday: 7 PM- 1 AM, Friday & Saturday: 7 PM- 2 AM.
  • Contact: (401) 714-0444
  • Nearby Attractions: The Great Escape Room Providence, Waterplace Park, Carousel Village
  • Address: 301 Harris Ave Providence, RI 02903

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9. Galactic Theatre – Warren, Rhode Island 

Galactic Theatre in Warren offers a thrilling experience for locals at night. Famous local and national artists give live performances, entertaining people and making them feel rocked. The Music venue is facilitated with good acoustics, creating a thunder vibe among the crowd. 

There is a full-time bar serving supercool cocktails and craft beers. Micro movie theatre runs fantastic movies, being a recreation for visitors. A lounge with an ample space provided with basic facilities is available for people to sit and relax. There is no limitation for laughter since comedy shows at night take the stage. 

Galactic Theatre Warren Rhode Island
Galactic Theatre Warren, Rhode Island
  • Hours: Wednesday- Saturday: 7 PM- 12.45 AM, Sunday- Tuesday: Closed
  • Contact: [email protected]
  • Nearby Attractions: Battleship Cove, Colt State Park, Fall River
  • Address: 440 Main St, Warren, RI 02885

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10. East Providence Yacht Club – East Providence, RI

East Providence Yacht Club provides unlimited joy and unforgettable memories once we reach there. It is an excellent place to hang out and roam with our loved ones on the weekends. Music played in the summer on the riverside with the beautiful view offers a great experience. There are separate hangouts to smoke if needed. 

A swimming pool with well-furnished tables is there to take a nice bath and have chill drinks. Different foods, such as pizza, wraps, and crunches, are available to make the day. Night shows are conducted with rocking bands and DJs for having a dancing night along with cool drinks. 

  • HoursMonday & Tuesday, Thursday – Saturday: 1 PM – 1.00 AM, Wednesday: 1 PM – 9 PM, Sunday: 1 PM – 10 PM
  • Contact: (401) 434-0161
  • Nearby Attractions: India Point Park, Roger Williams Park Botanical Center, Lippit House Museum. 
  • Address: 9 Pier Rd, East Providence, RI 02914

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11. One Pelham East – Newport, RI

One Pelham East in Newport, built in 1975, is good at organizing nighttime events. Dueling pianos is a famous event here in the evening. Two artists rival each other in proving who is the best among them, singing the song requested by the audience.

The music may be rock and roll or of any genre. Facilities and services are available for parties, functions, bridal showers, or special occasions. 

Bar facilities and some fantastic games are there to enjoy the max. This place is unique because of two giant stages for entertainment shows, a lovely harbor view, and a capacity to accommodate about 450 guests.

Catering service is offered for small event gatherings and parties. One of the hotspots for having nights out and fun. DJs hit the floor with rocking music and performance.

One Pelham East  Newport RI
One Pelham East Newport, RI
  • HoursThursday & Friday: 4 PM- 1 AM, Saturday : 3 PM- 1 AM, Sunday – Wednesday: Closed.
  • Contact: (401)-847-9460
  • Nearby Attractions: The Breakers, Ocean Drive Historic District, Fort Adams State Park
  • Address: 270 Thames St., Newport, RI 02840

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12. The Knickerbocker Music Center – Westerly, RI

The Knickerbocker Music Center was a cafe that later changed and started in 1933. Many popular national and regional bands perform here with a focus on blues. Famous personalities like Big Joe Turner, Albert Collins, and Leon Russell have rocked this stage. Spicy crunches, sweet salads, fries, chicken nuggets, etc., are necessary. 

The Tap Room has bar facilities along with blasting dance and band performances. Dance is a special event on Wednesday. Many charity events are also conducted to help the needy. A big straight ballroom is there for organizing any parties and functions. A big stage, a piano, and a good sound system are all needed to create an excellent atmosphere.  

The Knickerbocker Music Center
The Knickerbocker Music Center
  • Hours: Wednesday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday: Doors open 1 hour before showtime. 
  • Contact: (401) 315-5070
  • Nearby Attractions: Wilcox Park, Westerly Armory, Atlantic Beach Park
  • Address: 35 Railroad Ave, Westerly, RI 02891

13. The 133 Club – East Providence, Rhode Island

The 133 Club, established in 1967 at East Providence, facilitates fun-filled entertainment. Wraps, sandwiches, pizza, and salads are available to taste. Live music concerts happen four days a week with dreadful energy focusing on local music.

Margarita Monday, Day Drinkers adventure on Tuesdays, and the latest karaoke on Wednesday fill a week. Gift cards are available online, and the hidden gift surprises the customer. The remaining days are splendid with live music performances.

The 133 Club at East Providence
The 133 Club at East Providence
  • Hours: Monday- Sunday: 11.30 AM- 1 AM
  • Contact: (401)-438-1330 
  • Nearby Attractions: Roger Williams Park, Escape Rhode Island, Memorial Park
  • Address: 29 Warren Ave, East Providence, RI 02914, United States

14. Platforms Dance Club – Providence, Rhode Island

Platforms Dance Club is prominent for hosting night parties in Providence. There are two upscale lounges and fantastic outdoor patios available for event bookings. Various range of music, from Old school to EDM, takes away the night. Delicious food smell attracts from the M&M pub. 

Chill beers, wines, and Cocktails are served in hand by excellent staff with hospitality. Three fully stocked bars have a variety of drinks to enjoy. DJs and bands occupy the stage to give a thundering night performance. Kind Bartenders guide people throughout the event with cool stuff. 

  • Hours: Thursday- Saturday: 8.00 PM – 2.00 AM, Sunday- Wednesday: Closed
  • Contact: (401)-932-8768
  • Nearby Attractions: Providence Children’s Museum, RISD Museum, Carousel Village
  • Address: 165 Poe St, Providence, RI 02905

15. Renegades – Warwick, Rhode Island 

Renegades offers an excellent atmosphere for family and function gatherings. Parties are free of cost in the function room. Basic fun amenities like pool tables, dart boards, TV, and internet jukebox are there for recreation. A large bar with table seating provides the perfect place for complete entertainment. 

A total of 14 varieties of draft beers are available to try. The food menu covers spicy wraps, fries, pizza, burgers, and sandwiches to enjoy the day. Rock in and rock out, they conduct mainly nighttime parties and events. It is one of the best spots to spend a quality night at Warwick.

Renegades at Warwick
Renegades at Warwick
  • Hours: Sunday & Thursday: 4 PM- 1 AM, Friday: 5 PM- 1 AM, Saturday: 6 PM- 1 AM, Monday- Wednesday: Closed
  • Contact: (401) 738-4508
  • Nearby Attractions: Warwick Lighthouse, Goddard Memorial State Park, Salter Grove Memorial Park
  • Address: 2077 W Shore Rd, Warwick, RI 02889

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Dance Clubs and Venues in Rhode Island
Dance Clubs and Venues in Rhode Island


The Dance Clubs and Venues in Rhode Island are the best places for endless entertainment with their exciting features to meet our recreational needs. Big swimming pools, relaxing cabanas, and energetic games are all there.

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