26 Best Tattoo Parlors in Rhode Island 2024

Tattoo Parlors in Rhode Island provides the right design at the right place and optimal cost. Tattoo Parlors in Cranston, Providence, South Kingstown, Pawtucket, and Portsmouth offer RI’s best tattoo and body piercing services.

People like to have stylish tattoos with modern designs. Tattoos add elegance and grace to oneself. The versatile artists are skilled in various fields, creating customized, natural, and modern art.

The shops do body piercing with high-quality jewelry, ensuring clients’ safety and happiness. Booking is available through calls, emails, and walk-ins. Tattoo Shops in Rhode Island offer services to those below 18 with parent consultation and photo ID verification.    

Tattoo Parlors in Rhode Island
Tattoo Parlors in Rhode Island

1. Kabloom Tattoo Studio – Cranston, RI

Kabloom Tattoo Studio is a good place for people of Cranston to get attractive tattoos and designs. They are well-versed in freehand tattoos and body and ear piercing. Customers get super customized art from talented artists. 

The piercings offered here are popular among peers and are unique. KaBloom is their brand selling gift baskets and fresh flowers for special occasions and weddings nationwide.    

Kabloom Tattoo Studio Cranston RI
Kabloom Tattoo Studio
  • Hours: Monday- Saturday: 9 AM-7 PM, Sunday: closed
  • Contact: +1 (401) 946
  • Tattoo Artists: Danielle Courtemanche
  • Address: 343 Dyer Ave, Cranston, RI 02920

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2. East Coast Tattooing & Body Piercing – Providence, RI

Brian W started the East Coast Tattooing & Body Piercing in 1970, showing excellence in crafting tattoos and piercing. A team of skilled artists works hard to satisfy customer needs. Piercing is done with high-quality metals of clients’ preference. 

Doing the task with precision and timing adds beauty to their skills. They have been in service for nearly four decades till now and can provide clients with collections of varietal designs and arts from which they can choose. 

East Coast Tattooing & Body Piercing Providence
East Coast Tattooing & Body Piercing
  • HoursMonday- Sunday: 12 PM-10 PM 
  • Contact :  (401) 331-5623
  • Tattoo Artists: Brian W, Jess
  • Address: 179 Atwells Ave, Providence, RI 02903

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3. Inflicting Ink, LLC – Portsmouth, Rhode Island

Inflicting Ink in Portsmouth renders quality services in body art and piercing. Seven different talented artists are here to create magic with tattoo designs. A tattoo bus runs between the states for transport use by customers.

The prime focus includes educating people on tattoos, placement, and aftercare, ensuring safety. Its established service has been there for 15 years. Artist Jeff has a laser system that can easily remove the old inks, and new modern designs are easily imprinted.    

  • HoursMonday – Saturday, 12 PM-10 PM, Sunday: 12 PM-8 PM
  • Contact: +1 401-683-5680, [email protected]
  • Tattoo Artists: Stephen, Jeff Goyette
  • Address: 161 Chase Rd, Portsmouth, RI 02871. 

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4. 1001 Troubles Tattoo Studio – Warren, RI

The artists holding 20-plus years of apprenticeship create beautiful tattoo designs and customized art based on consumer preference. They are well experienced in bloodborne pathogens, CPR, and First Aid. Their merchandise collections are excellent and imprinted with attractive designs. 

They offer a variety of designs about marine life, animals, botanical pieces, and fantasy. Michelle Carter specializes in creating art on mythology, focusing mainly on fantasy, goth, occult, and feminine. Dani Ryan does great portraits with black and gray. Unique gift cards are available at attractive prices. 

1001 Troubles Tattoo Studio Warren RI
1001 Troubles Tattoo Studio
  • Hours: Tuesday – Saturday: 1 PM – 7 PM, Sunday & Monday: closed 
  • Contact : 401-289-0105, [email protected]
  • Tattoo Artists: Fredd Chino, Michelle Carter, Charity Enos, Dani Ryan, Jess Spousta
  • Address: 512 Main St. Warren, RI 

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5. Anchored in Flesh Piercings and Tattoos LLC – Cranston, RI

Anchored in Flesh Piercings and Tattoos LLC in Cranston is a perfect spot for people’s choice of tattooing and piercing. Piercing is done as per the customer’s wish and visual. Strong and high-grade metals and jewelry are used in the process.

The artists are very professional in their approach. The cost varies with the type of piercing and jewelry piercing. The fame of the artists lies in their dedicated service to satisfy customers. They have 23 years of professional experience in the field.       

  • Hours: Monday – Tuesday: 12 PM-5 PM, Wednesday- Saturday: 12 PM-8 PM, Sunday: Closed
  • Contact: 401- 383-3565
  • Tattoo Artists: Neech Lamphere, Zach Genese, Mike
  • Address: 8 Gansett Ave, Cranston, RI 02920

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6. Sin Alley Tattoo – Pawtucket, Rhode Island

Sin Alley Tattoo in Pawtucket has experienced, skilled artists who have done multiple designs and customized art. Properly sterilized and cleaned instruments are used for piercing and tattooing. Piercers aid in proper aftercare and oral care guidance for the clients. 

It has been serving since 2007 for people’s entertainment. Gift Cards are provided for major purchases. Exciting discounts are available at attractive prices. They do flashcards, modern art, and beautiful piercings on various body parts.

  • Hours: Monday – Thursday: 12 PM-6 PM, Friday – Saturday: 12 PM-8 PM, Sunday: closed
  • Contact: (401) 724-0500
  • Tattoo Artists: Billie Fasulo, Michael Fasulo, John Girouard, Dave Albro
  • Address: 431 Benefit Street, Pawtucket, RI 02861

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7. United Ink Tattoo – Warwick, Rhode Island

United Ink Tattoo In Warwick does tattooing and piercing in full swing. There is a full-time hair salon and beauty shop to get incredible looks. Their designs and cosmetics collections are unique and graceful. Tattoos done by artists express people’s realistic emotions. 

Cher is skilled in permanent cosmetics, giving people a glowing elegance. Those who come to the hair salon can develop their personality through designs. So it is a multipurpose place to save time and travel—one of the must-visit shops in Warwick. 

  • HoursSaturday & Monday: 1 PM-9 PM, Sunday: closed, Tuesday – Friday: 2 PM-9 PM
  • Contact: (401) 941-1900
  • Tattoo Artists: Cher, Pete, Will, Steve, Kevin
  • Address:  1250 Post Rd, Warwick, RI 02888

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8. Unicorn Ink – Lincoln, RI

Unicorn Ink is a peculiar tattoo shop in Lincoln. Skilled artists here use high-quality materials for tattoos and body piercings. Tattoo styling comes out as traditional, New school, and portraits. Angelo designs horror and sci-fi in unique ways. Greg is skilled in unusual art like Xoil, Polka, and Popcolor. 

Customized arts are portrayed elegantly. It is an excellent place to surf for top-notch apparel. Piercer Mikey is patient enough to handle clients, providing them with enough care with a proper sterilization environment and the best outcome. Overall, it’s a storehouse of fun and entertainment for customers. 

Unicorn Ink at Lincoln RI
Unicorn Ink at Lincoln, RI
  • Hours: Monday – Sunday: 1 PM-9 PM
  • Contact: (401) 335-5836, [email protected] 
  • Tattoo Artists: Gregory Arpin, Angelo Sorvillo, Ria Capece, Liz Chomka
  • Address: 100 Higginson Ave STE 1, Lincoln, RI 02865

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9. Powerline Tattoo – Cranston, Rhode Island

Powerline Tattoo in Cranston offers clients the best tattoos and teaches them to draw the same. They help develop people’s ideas into complete art. Evan does graceful animals, horror designs, and portraits. Mike was a teacher with interlinked skills in doing authentic arts combined with inventive physics and secondary lightning.

Creative artistic skills are welcomed. Multi-diverse artists are present with distinguished instincts in various designs. It is well sterilized and has a good atmosphere to relax. Artist Jay is skilled in doing illustrative and animated art combined with dimensions of time and space. A person gets the best combo of tattoo designs from here. 

Powerline Tattoo at Cranston
Powerline Tattoo at Cranston
  • Hours: flexible based on appointments
  • Contact : 401-369-7771, [email protected] 
  • Tattoo Artists: Evan Olin, Mike Ledoux, Jay Blackburn, Mikey Romasco, Andy Large. 
  • Address: 706 Reservoir Avenue Cranston, RI, 02910

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10. FINAO Ink Tattoo Company – North Providence, RI

Joe Breeze found F. I. N. A. O Ink Tattoo Company with like-minded peers after years of apprenticeship in North Providence. They do custom designs ranging from realistic photo work to conventional fashions and lettering. Joe has 20-plus years of experience and a large client base. 

The highly committed artist here goes beyond people’s ideas, making them sensible. Many guest artists also visit to showcase their talents. Jeremy works well with animated art, horror, and Marvel comics, which are suitable for youngsters who are producing realistic art. Permanent body art, new school, and neo-traditional type arts are also affordable.

FINAO Ink Tattoo Company
FINAO Ink Tattoo Company
  • HoursMonday – Saturday:1PM-9 PM, Sunday: closed
  • Contact: (401) 383-1661, [email protected] 
  • Tattoo Artists: Joe Breeze, Aaron Packard, Jeremy Payne, Tom Harris, Pat John
  • Address: 1998 Mineral Spring Avenue, Unit 2, North Providence, RI 02904

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11. Level 7 Tattoo – Pawtucket, RI

Level 7 Tattoo started in January 2009 and was first a small shop that later spread its wings, offering customized arts, body piercing, and tattooing. They have vast collections of catching jewelry made of fine-grade metals for body piercing.

Specialized artists skilled in unique portfolios allow clients to pick their choice. They use quality metals like surgical-grade titanium, niobium, and 14K-18K solid gold. Body piercing is done in a well-sterilized, disinfected environment with utmost care. They ensure the healing of the body and provide essential tips. 

Chest tattoo at Level 7 Tattoo
Chest tattoo at Level 7 Tattoo
  • Hours: Monday-Wednesday: 12 PM-8 PM, Thursday &Friday: 12 PM-9 PM, Saturday: 12 PM-6 PM, Sunday: Closed.
  • Contact: (401)725-8010, [email protected]
  • Tattoo Artists: Rob McCaffrey, Jake Lundell, Aaron Rampello
  • Address: 541 Armistice Blvd, Pawtucket, RI 02861

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12. Body Canvas PVD Custom TATTOO Shop – Providence, RI

Body Canvas PVD custom TATTOO Shop in Providence is known for its skilled artists specializing in various areas. From traditional to modern styles like black and grey realism, color realism, portraits, and West Coast lettering. Soulful and touchable art is always top-notch here.  

It was started in 2015 at Milford, after three years spread across other areas. Body piercing is done with top-class artists from Rhode Island. Body Canvas PVD Custom TATTOO is the best shop to hang around on Federal Hill Street. They also do scripts, Neo-traditional and elegant portraits of customized designs. 

  • HoursTuesday-Saturday: 12 PM-8 PM, Sunday&Monday: Closed
  • Contact: 401-368-1068, [email protected]
  • Tattoo Artists: Kalana Cruz, Harris, Danny Shelbourne
  • Address: 148 Atwells Ave, Providence, RI 02903

13. Sacred Traditions Tattoo – Pawtucket, RI

Sacred Traditions Tattoo renders tattoo and body piercing in a fine, sterilized, healthy environment. They do custom arts, artist consultations, and tattoo layaway. Halloween special tattoos are done in October. Tattoo raffles offer one to win up to $1000. There are vast collections of whimsical and gothic tattoos. 

Jewelry of various designs made with high-quality metals like titanium and gold can be bought. Top-branded merchandise such as hoodies, shirts, and other clothing materials are available. Johnny, with 15 years of experience, is good at black and grey designs along with bold lines. It’s one of the best tattoo shops in RI.

  • Hours: Monday- Thursday: 12 PM-7 PM, Friday & Saturday: 12 PM-9 PM
  • Contact: (401) 250- 3867, [email protected]
  • Tattoo Artists: Johnny, Emily
  • Address: 500 Armistice Blvd Pawtucket, Rhode Island 02861

14. Iron Lion Tattoo – Cranston, RI

Iron Lion Tattoo, started in September 2010, offers peculiar designs and a special Reiki-infused tattoo. The shop is facilitated with sacred geometry, healing crystals, a Zen garden meditation table, and a separate Reiki room.

Owner Tara D. Agostino is a reiki-certified artist and has won many awards. Beautiful merchandise, hats, and clothes are available. Tara specializes in doing black and grey sketches, distinct lettering, and lush color pieces.

  • Hours: Monday – Saturday: 12 PM – 8 PM
  • Contact: 401 228-7669
  • Tattoo Artist: Tara D Agostino
  • Address: 1862 Broad Street Cranston, RI

15. Iron Hand Tattoo – Cranston, Rhode Island

Iron Hand Tattoo in Cranston is occupied by a divergent group of artists who can do a variety of customized artwork and body piercings. Each artist can be approached for appropriate art styles at flexible times. Fantasy, wildlife, and nature theme designs are welcomed.

The tattooing, piercing instruments, and surroundings are sterilized well with disinfectants ensuring safety. They do styles in classic imagery, Japanese, Traditional American, black and grey, script, and cover-ups. Customer satisfaction is their prime goal to achieve at the first step.  

  • Hours: Tuesday- Saturday: 12 PM-8 PM, Sunday& Monday: Closed
  • Contact: (401) 942-4766 
  • Tattoo Artists: Kevin Borowski, Steve DiFusco, Dave, Maegan, Ashley
  • Address: 650 Oaklawn Ave, Cranston, RI 02920

16. Casey Tattoo – Providence, Rhode Island

Casey Tattoo in Providence is known for its pioneering tattoo services. Artists here are multi-talented and produce the best mind-blowing artworks. Clients’ visual ideas are transformed into cool, graceful body art. Scripts, lettering, and animation-based arts are done by prominent artists specific to their domains.

Artists customize people’s vision and design the tattoos with spice to make them more crisp and attractive. Gift cards are available for some bumper discounts on the next booking. Many modern techniques are used for the easy completion of complex designs. 

  • HoursTuesday-Saturday: 9.00 AM-9.00 PM 
  • Contact:  (401) 432-7922, [email protected]
  • Tattoo Artists: Caleb Due, Marco Gomez, Rob Zylstra, Xoch Gonza 
  • Address: 568 Broad St, Providence, RI 02907

17. Empire Studio – Johnston, RI

Artist Yen Danny Chum started Emperor Studio RI in 2014. They are a group of 5 dedicated artists working to make memorable art for clients. Cambodian style traditional Asian art and Japanese traditional black or grey by Danny are widespread.

Varied styles of comic books, graffiti, and neo-traditional tattooing are also prominent here. The artist does customized designs that the customer is fond of and enhances their elegance by adding their taste and flavor. The studio name portrays the work of artists.  

Empire Studio Johnston, RI
Empire Studio – Johnston, RI
  • HoursMonday- Friday: 10.00 AM-9.00 PM, Saturday: closed, Sunday: 12.00 PM-8.00 PM
  • Contact: (401) 484-1287, [email protected]
  • Tattoo Artists: Yen Danny Chum, Lee Khiev, Mike St. Read, Joe Rosales, Dre Taveras
  • Address: 1227 Plainfield St, Johnston, RI 02919

18. Phoenix Tattoo – Cranston, RI

Phoenix Tattoo started in May 2014 with the motive of tattooing as a unique service. Their belief is through art, the mind, body, and soul are healed, and the connection is balanced, which is necessary for life. Danny gives sacred geometry design. Rhiannon specializes in all forms, mainly black and gray realism and traditional tattoos.

This shop is run solely by women who have 30 years of experience in the industry. Gift vouchers are sold, offering bumper discounts for the next tattooing. Stunning merchandise is available online. Boyer provides fine and colored tattoo designs.    

Phoenix Tattoo at Cranston
Phoenix Tattoo at Cranston
  • HoursMonday-Saturday: 12 PM-7 PM, Sunday: Closed
  • contact: (401) 944-0880, [email protected]
  • Tattoo Artists: Rhiannon Spaziano, Danny, Lou Boyer, Chrys
  • Address: 30 Phenix Ave, Cranston, RI 02920

19. Artfreek Tattoo – Providence, Rhode Island

Artfreek Tattoo in Providence has been in operation since 1994. The longer the journey, the more improved the infrastructure and quality service of the shop. They provide online shopping featuring top-class merchandise and various apparel. Top tattoo designs such as new school, horror, scripts, and traditional American and Japanese arts are offered. 

Skilled artists with diverse portfolios are present. Client happiness and satisfaction is their first goal, making them step higher. The artists are versatile, having completed several years of apprenticeship to get expertise in this field.  

  • Hours: Tuesday- Thursday: 12 PM-8 PM, Friday& Saturday: 12 PM-9 PM, Sunday: 1 PM-6 PM, Monday: Closed
  • Contact: 401-454-5640
  • Tattoo Artists: Don Lussier, Mike Lussier, Gia Catauro, Brian Mullen, Steve Williamson 
  • Address: 458 Wickenden St. Providence, RI 02903

20. Ink Therapy – East Providence, Rhode Island

Ink Therapy in East Providence is one of the best shops to try fantastic art. Therapy with art is what they do to make people happy. Various collections of merchandise, apparel, and goodies are available online. Gift cards are sold online with which discounts on consecutive bookings are availed. 

Artist Tim does beautiful designs by providing a proper aftercare kit for good healing. Meghan has exemplary skills in scripts and does with different fonts and styles. The environment is clean and sound for healthy tattooing.

  • Hours: Monday-Saturday: 12 PM-6 PM, Sunday: closed
  • Contact: (401) 563-8019
  • Tattoo Artists: Timothy Doherty, Meghan, Betty
  • Address: 328 Warren Ave, East Providence, RI 02914

21. Marco’s Tattoo – Wakefield, Rhode Island

Marco’s Tattoo in Wakefield excels in tattooing and piercing. The store contains numerous collections for men and women and exciting gift cards. Aaron Marco started the shop with good expertise in black and grey realism.

Jes offers special watercolor designs and areola tattooing. Their services are fixed upon prior appointments. A group of well-experienced and talented artists from different domains also offers permanent makeup, geometric designs, and comic book styles.   

  • Hours: Monday- Sunday: 12 PM-9 PM
  • Contact: 401-782-2465, [email protected]
  • Tattoo Artists: Aaron Marco, Jes Swisher, Rob Wilkinson
  • Address: 1916 Kingstown Rd B, Wakefield, RI 02879

22. Rhode Island Tattoo Company – Johnston, Rhode Island

Rhode Island Tattoo Company in Johnston is an ideal place for tattooing and body piercing for the locals. Piercing is done with surgical steel-grade metal to avoid allergic reactions. Dick Gee does portraits of animals in modern or traditional looks based on clients’ preferences. 

Different animal and nature tattoo designs, realism, and black & grey colors are made with modern instruments and techniques. Rob gets updated with new advancements in the industry and tries to adapt the same in every work of theirs to stand out from the crowd.

Rhode Island Tattoo Company
Rhode Island Tattoo Company
  • Hours: Monday-Saturday: 11 AM-6 PM, Sunday: Closed
  • Contact: 401) 854-1330, [email protected]
  • Tattoo Artists: Dick Gee, Rob Beast, Rachael Maria, Mike Sanville
  • Address: 478 Atwood Ave, Johnston, RI 02919

23. The Torchbearer Tatto – Providence, Rhode Island

The Torchbearer Tattoo in Providence renders quality tattoo designs with the most experienced artists. Fascinating merchandise printed with quality art is sold with bumper discounts. Chris and Ron opened the shop in 2017. Each artist is specialized in their domain, ensuring the customers leave the shop with heartfelt happiness.

They will organize the Hudson Valley Tattoo event from 31st March to 2nd April. Jeff and TJ will facilitate unique tattoos on this special occasion. New modern arts, Neo-traditional scripts, new schools, etc., will be designed during the specific juncture.  

  • Hours: Tuesday- Saturday: 12 PM-8 PM, Sunday& Monday: by appointment
  • Contact: 401-331-6666, [email protected]
  • Tattoo Artists: Chris Cautillo, Ron Wells, Ric Lacapria, Shelby Ceven, Jeff Pageau
  • Address:  755 Westminster St, Providence, RI 02903

24. Rhodeside Tattoo – North Providence, Rhode Island

Christine Jones established Rhodeside Tattoo in 2010 at North Providence. They create beautiful tattoos with experience and skills. Their soulful work portrays people’s emotions and feelings as memorable body art.

The surroundings are sterilized well with disinfectants, ensuring the safety and health of clients. They do art of animals, cartoons, horror, and comics expressing real emotions. Scripts and lettering of modern types are also done at the best prices. People do come back for more memories.   

  • Hours: Monday-Sunday: 12 PM-8 PM, Tuesday: closed
  • Contact: (401) 437-6889, [email protected]
  • Tattoo Artists: Christine Jones, Sebacho Daza, 
  • Address: 1455 Mineral Spring Ave, North Providence, RI 02904 

25. Memento Tattoo RI – East Providence, Rhode Island

Memento Tattoo RI is a modern and latest tattoo parlor of arts and designs. The artists enthusiastically provide customized art based on people’s interests and visions. Jesus is skilled in creating animal art, which gives various expressions adding peculiarity.  

Tattoos are designed with their crispness and tricks to add grace. Merchandise and hoodies of top brands are available at attractive prices. Gift cards are available for purchase for use in the forthcoming bookings. With 20 years of experience, they are Mozart of this field. 

  • Hours: Monday- Saturday: 11 AM-7 PM, Sunday: closed
  • Contact: 401-632-4223, [email protected]
  • Tattoo Artists: Jesus, Jose, Sam, Meghan & Emily
  • Address: 2399 Pawtucket Ave Unit 4, East Providence, RI 02914

26. Black Lotus Tattoo Studios – South Kingstown, RI

Black Lotus Tattoo Studios in South Kingstown is prominent in tattoo designing and body piercing. Highly skilled artists with various domains work to customize people’s wishes into real body art. Different animal art, horror, and animations are done with recent interventions for good quality. 

Body piercing done with fine-grade metals ensures safety and builds elegance. Collin does piercing without showing pain adds credibility. The piercing is done in well-cleaned and sterile conditions. With 25 years of experience, they have the patience and strategies to complete a client’s requirement.    

Black Lotus Tattoo Studios
Black Lotus Tattoo Studios
  • Hours: Monday- Saturday: 12 PM-10 PM, Sunday: 12 PM-6 PM
  • Contact: (401) 295-0418
  • Tattoo Artists: Kyle Messina, Collin Kasyan, Austin Morrison, Madison
  • Address: 3033 Tower Hill Rd, South Kingstown, RI 02879

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Tattoos and designs remind us about a memorable event or a person. It feels like we are living with them. Tattoo Parlors in Rhode Island provide such a soulful service. Cherishing the golden memories is a healing for the wounds that happened in the past. 

The Tattoo parlors in Cranston, Providence, Pawtucket, and South Kingstown offer a beautiful experience for the people. The artists in the Tattoo Shops in Rhode Island are highly talented and have versatile expertise in designing stunning art. The art is complete only on satisfaction by both the client and artist.     

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