15 Best Pet Stores In Maine 2024

Maine has a unique collection of pet supplies. Many pet stores are in Portland, Sanford, Scarborough, Eliot, Ellsworth, Boothbay Harbor, Waterville, etc. Best Pet Shops near me. These places guarantee excellent services for pets like dogs, cats, fish, reptiles, birds, etc. 

Maine pet stores believe every pet is unique and needs extra care for its well-being. Starting with all-natural pet food treats and supplements, they have beautiful collars, toys, electronic ID tags, pet carriers, pet beds, mattresses, and many other exciting products. 

Pet owners can also check out these stores for advice and medical help. Many places have vet doctors, hospitals, and pharmacies to support pet parents. Many have self-served pet wash and grooming stations. Some stores support local shelters and communities to provide homes forever to different animals. 

Pet Stores In Maine
Pet Stores In Maine

1. Two Salty Dogs Pet Outfitters – Boothbay Harbor, ME

Two Salty Dogs is a hidden treasure of Maine with a large stock of all-natural pet foods and treats. This little shop is situated within the restaurants, beautiful waterfront, and footbridge of Boothbay. 

Two Salty Dogs Pet Outfitters  Boothbay Harbor
Two Salty Dogs Pet Outfitters – Boothbay Harbor

Pet owners and their furry babies love this shop for the sweet smell of treats. Check their unique pet products besides pet food and supplements. The owners offer free delivery to local communities.

Inside of Two Salty Dogs Pet Outfitters
Inside of Two Salty Dogs Pet Outfitters
  • Contact:  207-633-7387
  • Hours: Monday- Saturday: 10:00 a.m.- 05:00 pm, Sunday: 10:00 am- 04:00 pm.
  • Address: 22 MCKOWN St., Boothbay Harbor, ME 04538

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2. Easy Aquariums – Westbrook, Maine

Easy Aquariums has offered a unique aquatic experience for hobbyists and the curious since 2012. They are defined as one of the best exotic pet stores in town. Easy Aquariums give every customer a fulfilling pet supply experience. 

Dr. Julia, a registered veterinarian, runs this place with her desire for the welfare of animals. Easy Aquariums supplies products like aquarium plants, terrarium plants, tank decor, and feeders. The shop provides everything that will improve your little aquatics’ lives.

The shop has a good supply of freshwater fish, Saltwater fish, and coral. ​They also have reptiles like chameleons, beardies, cresties, leopard geckos, and blue tounges. Amphibians and Inverts are the additional species you will find here.

  • Contact: 207-808-8363
  • HoursMonday-Tuesday: 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm, Thursday- Friday: 11:00 am to 6:00 pm, Saturday- Sunday: 10:00 am to 7:00 pm.
  • Address: 24 Bridgton Rd, Westbrook, ME 04092

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3. Blue Seal Feeds Inc – Bangor, Maine

Since 1868, Blue Seal Feeds has been a quality feed supplier for the animals in the area. The store specializes in providing the best possible animal nutrition with premium-grade feeds. Various feed types are available, from pellets to mash to grain. 

This store mainly promotes regionally focused brands like the Kent Nutrition Group. Along with pet nutrition, Blue Seal provides everyday items for the farm and garden. Additional services are also offered here, from animal nutrition consulting to pet training. They have stores in Windham, N. Yarmouth, and Bangor.

The shop has many nutrition products for various types of animals. Here, you can find the best products for horses, dogs, cats, beef cattle, goats, sheep, and swine. They also provide products for birds, deer, fish, and rabbits.

Blue Seal Feeds Inc
Blue Seal Feeds Inc
  • Contact: 866-647-1212
  • HoursMonday- Saturday: 8:00 am to 6:00 pm.
  • Address: 876 Stillwater Ave Bangor, ME, US 04401

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4. Brooks Feed & Farm Supply – Brunswick, Maine

Brooks Feed & Farm was formerly known as ‘Check-R-Board of the Ralston Purina Company.’  The store is the perfect choice for quality feed and supplies. They have supplied premium-grade meals, medicine, and supplements for 40 years. Brooks Feed is a family-owned business committed to caring for your furry friends. 

They have supplies for lawns and farms. Also, it offers services like grain shavings delivery and wing clipping. A large selection of indoor & outdoor tools can be easily found here. The store has supplies for animals, like toys, care and grooming products, and treats. 

The store holds various products that will help care for the animals. Food products for cats, birds, equine, and poultry animals are offered here. Products for aquatic animals like reptiles and smaller fishes can be found here. 

  • Contact: 207-729-6501
  • HoursMonday- Saturday: 8:00 am to 6:00 pm, Sunday: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Address: 86 Union Street, Brunswick, ME 04011 US

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5. Family Pet Connection – Skowhegan, Maine

Family Pet Connection is a comprehensive, family-friendly place for owners and their beloved animals. The store offers a wide selection of products for pets. It provides owners with food, toys, and accessories to create a perfect home for their pets.

Additional pet services, such as grooming and pet care, are available here. They also provide dog training here. These services are customized to suit each pet’s needs and give them the best care. 

The store also offers pet-boarding so owners can take worry-free vacations. This Pet store in Maine sells puppies, kittens, birds, reptiles, fish, etc.

  • Contact: 207- 474-7700
  • HoursMonday- Sunday: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
  • Address: Skowhegan Village Plaza, Skowhegan, ME 04976

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6. Ann-Imals Pet Supply Store – York, Maine

Ann-imals Pet Supply Store in York is a prominent name among pet parents in Maine. People looking for a pet for their home can also contact them. The store has sold locally manufactured pet supplies, besides branded ones, for over a decade.

Ann-imals Pet Supply store offers different services like Nutritional counseling for your pets, home delivery services of pet supplies, and pet adoption services. The store is connected with various animal rescue teams and groups, like Animal Welfare Society, 3 Dogs Rescue, Lucky Pup Rescue, Mary’s Dog, The Pixel Fund, Safe Haven Human Society, and many more. 

The store has supplies for dogs, cats, birds, fish, and other small animals. Delicious food treats, pet bedding, toys, carry cases, collars, coats, lashes, grooming items, and many other products are available here. 

  • Contact: (207) 351-2777
  • Hours: Monday – Saturday: 10:00 am – 06:00 pm, Sunday: 11:00 am- 05:00 pm.
  • Address: 1 York St, York, ME 03909

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7. The Animal House – Westbrook, Maine

The Animal House can be defined as one of the best pet stores in Maine for natural pet food and supplements, with three outlets in the state. The Damariscotta outlet of this store has a self-service pet wash station for customers.

The shop supplies everything from new brushes, towels, and pet shampoos to washing and drying your pets. The staff also cleans up after every wash. The shop helps to treat the furry babies like kings and queens. They have stores in Damariscotta, Westbrook, and in Brunswick.

The Animal House Maine
The Animal House – Maine

The store has a good supply of natural pet foods, treats, and supplements. It offers delivery to local communities. The available brands in different outlets of The Animal House are Primal, Stella & Chewy’s, Fromm, Blue Buffalo, EARTHBORN, and many others.

  • Contact: 207-887-9638
  • Hours: Monday- Saturday: 10:00 am – 08:00 pm, Sunday: 10:00 am- 05:00 pm. 
  • Address: 11 Main Street Suite 5 Westbrook, ME 04902

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8. The Fish & Bone – Portland, ME

The Fish & Bone is a 20-year-old pet shop in Portland. The name of this shop represents the most natural favorite treat for cats and dogs. This shop is one of the famous pet stores for hand-picked natural pet foods, supplements, and treats.

The owners have tie-ups with local pet shelters and welfare organizations. Pet lovers can contribute to the welfare of orphan furry babies by buying from here. 

Different all-natural pet foods and treats are available in Fish & Bones. Pet owners love dehydrated, frozen, raw, and wet pet foods and treats. These are made from human-grade proteins like chicken, beef, pork, fish, and venison. People also love their grooming tools, handmade pet outfits, etc.

  • Contact: 207-773-5450
  • Hours: Monday- Saturday: 10:00 a.m.- 06:00 pm, Sunday: 10:00 am- 05:00 pm.
  • Address: 5 India Street, Portland, ME 04101

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9. Pet Quarters – Scarborough, Maine

Pet Quarters is a Maine-based pet shop with multiple stores in different state cities. This pet store is perfect for getting locally produced natural animal foods and supplements.

They also organize pet adoption days with different shelters and community service centers. The adoption dates are updated on the official webpage of the store. They have stores in Scarborough, Falmouth, Windham, and Rockland.

Pet Quarters is one of the best pet shops in Maine for natural pet food based on your four-legged baby’s appetite, age, and physical condition. The most popular brands available here are Earthborn, RAWZ, Solid Gold, FROMM, Taste Of The Wild, Holistic, Stella & Chewy’s, Canidae, BLUE, Wysong, and many more. 

  • Contact: 207-885-5005
  • Hours: Monday- Saturday: 09:00 am- 08:00 pm, Sunday: 10:00 am- 06:00 pm.

Address: 486 Payne Rd, Scarborough, ME 04074, United States

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10. Petco Pet Stores – South Portland, ME 

Petco is a one-stop solution for every pet lover in Maine. This pet store is one of the best pet shops in Maine, with multiple outlets in different cities. They cater to the needs of different pets. 

Besides goods, Petco is a great spot for overall pet service. This place is a great vet hospital and pet adoption center, starting with a grooming salon and a vaccination center.

If you’re planning an animal’s forever home, contact Petco. The store offers positive dog training classes, free home delivery, and curbside delivery services.  They have stores in Augusta, Auburn, Topsham, South Portland, and Bangor.

Petco is an excellent place to buy anything for pets. Every outlet has top-quality pet foods, treats, supplements, and other products. The most popular brands in Petco are Hill’s Prescription Diet, Blue Buffalo, Purina Pro Plan, Royal Canin, and many others. 

Petco Pet Stores in South Portland
Petco Pet Stores in South Portland
  • Contact: (207) 772-9119
  • Hours: Monday- Saturday: 09:00 am- 08:00 pm, Sunday- 10:00 am- 07:00 pm. 
  • Address:  220 Maine Mall Rd, S. Portland, ME 04106

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11. Maine Pet Supply – Eliot, Maine

Maine Pet Supply is one of the prominent pet shops in Maine. This store is stocked with more than 6000 different products to choose from. The owners promise to provide only the best for your puppy. Whether it’s a furry baby, a scaly, slimy, or a feathery one, people will find the best pet items. 

The store is best known for all-natural animal food, treats, and supplements. Besides big brands, they also have locally produced fresh animal food. American Dog Toys, Aqueon, Exo-terra, F.M.Brown, Lupin, Soggy Doggy, and many more are available at the Maine Pet Supply store. 

  • Contact Number: 207-703-2155
  • Hours: Monday- Saturday: 08:30 am- 06:00 pm, Sunday: 10:00 am- 05:00 pm. 
  • Address: 28 Levesque Dr #11, Eliot, ME 03903

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12. Maine Pet & Aquarium – Ellsworth, Maine

Maine Pet & Aquarium has been a locally managed pet shop in Ellsworth for over two decades. This pet store has a good collection of locally made natural food, treats, and supplements for every pet. People love eco-friendly products like dog ids, collars, and other items. 

Maine Pet & Aquarium is a place to look for all-natural and locally manufactured pet products. People can also look for pet adoption services at Maine Pet & Aquarium. 

  • Contact: 207-667-8881
  • Hours: Monday- Saturday: 09:00 am- 07:00 pm, Sunday: 10:00 am- 05:00 pm.
  • Address: 47 Downeast Hwy, Ellsworth, ME 04605, USA

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13. PetSmart – Augusta, Maine

“Anything for Pets” is the slogan of this large pet supply chain in America. It’s one of Maine’s best pet supply shops, with five outlets. They are in Scarborough, Biddeford, Bangor, Brunswick, and Augusta.

Pet lovers often visit these stores for anything and everything about their pets. Besides different pet products, they also have a pharmacy to deal with every medical situation of your pet. They have stores in Scarborough, Biddeford, Bangor, Brunswick, and Augusta.

You can get almost every famous brand in the racks of PetSmart outlets. They prefer to stack everything good for your pet, like natural and eco-friendly pet food, treats, supplements, collars, ID tags, toys, beds, mattresses, pet carriers, etc. 

PetSmart at Augusta ME
PetSmart at Augusta, ME
  • Contact: (207) 622-5989
  • Hours: Monday-Friday: 09:00 am- 09:00 pm, Saturday: 08:00 am- 10:00 pm, Sunday: 10:00 am- 07:00 pm.
  • Address: 14 Crossing Way, Suite 2, Augusta, ME 04330

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14. Uncommon Paws – Portland, ME

Uncommon Paws is one of the unique pet shops in Maine where you can get personalized products for your furry baby. This pet shop in Portland is particularly famous for self-designing pet outfits and other pet products.

Pet lovers love their all-natural pet foods, treats, and supplements. Popular brands available in Uncommon Paws are K.C.’s Gourmet CBD Biscuits, Thunderspray, Musher’s Secret Paw Wax, and many more.

  • Contact: 888-549-7297
  • Hours: Monday- Thursday: 10:00 am- 06:00 pm, Friday-Saturday: 10:00 am- 07:00 pm, Sunday: 10:00 am- 05:00 pm.
  • Address: 21 Exchange St, Portland, ME, US 04101

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15. Fish Tails Pet Emporium – Waterville, Maine

Fish Tails Pet Emporium is a locally operated pet shop in Waterville to buy all-natural pet foods for any pet. They provide suggestions on medical health and pet behavioral problems, too. The place is quite famous among local pet parents and pet lovers. 

This store is a place to buy locally manufactured pet food and treats. They also have products from different international brands. Popular brands in this store are FROMM, OXBOW, KONG, Taste Of The Wild, ZooMed, and many others. 

  • Contact: (207) 859-3000
  • Hours: Monday-Saturday: 9:00 am – 7:00 pm, Sunday: 10:00 am – 5:00 pm
  • Address: 28 College Avenue, Waterville, ME 04901

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Find Pet Stores Near You


For most pet lovers, a pet shop is the best place for every solution to their problems. The pet shops in Maine are best for this. They not only cater to different pet products, but they also provide advice regarding your pets. You can check out these places with your pup for a great experience. 

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